Lesson Plans, Second grade

Summertime Teaching Ideas

As my second to last week of being a summer teacher comes to a close, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic. This group of second (almost third) graders are best described as “spirited”. They have so much ambition and ENERGY! I can’t wait to hear from their teachers how they are doing while tackling the tough year that third grade is known to be. We’ve spent our mornings doing lots of learning while still having some summer fun. I would love to share some of the things we have been doing the past two months.

One of the kid’s favorite things we’ve done was definitely the nature scavenger hunt! We spent a morning walking around our school’s beautiful campus and collecting different things on our “list”. Below is the kids collecting items on a sheet that was stapled to a Ziploc baggy to hold their items. We followed it up with a worksheet on our five senses. The kids wrote and drew the different items that made a certain sense “go off”!

This was my personal favorite, and I feel like it really helped the kids practice multiplication. After figuring out and writing down our 2 facts, we got a bucket of chalk and headed to the sidewalk! The kids drew the squares for hopscotch and filled it with some of the 2 facts, but leaving the center square blank. They would roll a pebble and say the problem (and answer!) until they got to the place their pebble landed. They had a ton of fun and were really intent on getting them right.

After reviewing how the water cycle worked, we decided to see it in action! I got this idea from here on Pinterest. It was really cool and we even left it up for a few days to see the different stages it was at every time we were in the room.

The components of blood experiment was so much fun and yummy! The kids collected their items they needed and did a good job of following directions. I got the idea to do this from here and adapted it just a little bit. The kids loved to learn part of what was going on inside their body! Later on that day we had a minor accident with a child who started bleeding from a scrape. After looking at the cut, the child looked at me and said “Hey look! I can see my platelets working!”. Definitely made me laugh.

The Synonym Roll craft was also an idea pulled from Pinterest; you can find it here. It really helped clear up what a synonym is. I assigned each student a word and they had to come up with five synonyms for that word. They loved comparing the word “cinnamon” and “synonym”. 😉

This is a picture of one of my bulletin boards I kept up for a little over a week (it was suppose to just be one week but we had some stragglers!). We learned and used the process of writing with multiple drafts. I made a “Writer’s Workshop” packet to help guide them along, you can see my freebie packet on TpT here. Some of them loved the packet so much, they asked to take my extras home. Not a bad feeling! 🙂

It has been such a truly great summer and I am VERY nostalgic about it being over (until next summer!). I’ve learned SO much and can’t wait to implement it into not only my school work, but my years as a full-time teacher. This is such a special career path and I can not wait to be the best teacher I can be, one day soon!


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